Tracy Paul for Macaroon

Online stationery boutique Macaroon recently announced an inspired collaboration with fine artist Tracy Paul. Digital ed Carina Claassens attended the launch in Greenside, Jo’burg

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ghg2014617104626 ghg201461710469 ghg2014617104739 ghg2014617104552 ghg2014617104723 ghg2014617104537 ghg201461710476 ghg2014617104512 ghg2014617104334 ghg2014617104349 ghg201461710446 ghg2014617104422 ghg2014617104456ghg2014617104438 For those of you who don’t know Tracy Paul, she is a Jo’burg based artist who – in her own words – aligns herself strongly with “freedom of expression, cupcakes, peace of mind, corsets and the bluebird of happiness”.

She is well-known for her quirky sketches of African animals (such as giraffes and zebras wearing tutus and diving gear) as well as her intricate drawings of corsets, bizarre dresses and dazzling cupcakes. Tracy’s beautiful prints can be seen in decor and gift shops all over South Africa and her printed cards, especially, are ever so popular.

The launch of her new range, in collaboration with Macaroon, was every bit as gorgeous as we expected. It consists of personalised stationery and accessories featuring Tracy’s sketches in Macaroon’s diverse product collection. We were even treated to our very own personalised items and delicious cakes and snacks.

Taryn Hompes, co-owner and director of Macaroon, is as excited as we are about the partnership and says, “South Africa has a wealth of talented artists and designers and our collaboration with a talent such as Tracy Paul allows Macaroon to make her magnificent art accessible to the online market through our already established brand. We could not be prouder to be associated with Tracy Paul’s whimsical works of art.”

*The range is exclusive to Macaroon – available online for personalisation at or in-store at 19 Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Jo’burg.