Use these place cards to point guests to their seats in style


Beyond helping guests to find their allocated seats, these place cards are a lovely way to add a personal touch to a table setting. Why not write an inspirational quote on the back of each one?

They’re so easy to make! Here’s how:
1. Download and print one of the free printable PDFs below.
2. Cut out the place cards.
3. Use a punch to make a hole at the top of each one.
4. Thread a length of ribbon or string through the hole and write on them. Then tie them to the stem of each guest’s wine glass, use them to bundle their cutlery together or lay them on top of a folded napkin draped across each person’s plate. 
Alternatively, leave off the ribbon and thread a fresh cut flower through the hole, or hold them in place with a vintage-inspired wooden clothes peg.

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 Created by the Garden and Home design team