Perfect for a high tea, these labels will let everyone know what cakes are on the menu


We all like to know what our options are at the buffet table, so why not give yours an extra touch of personality with these gorgeous labels? Designed to be tied around a bell jar, they’re ideal for labeling cakes and other baked goods, but can also be used to label jam jars and more.

They’re so easy to make! Here’s how:
1. Download and print one of the free printable PDFs below.
2. Cut out the labels and write the names of the baked goods you’ll be serving on them.
3. Use a Stanley knife to cut a vertical slit along the dotted line on either side of the white space where you’ve written the name of each cake.
4. Cut lengths of pretty fabric ribbon; these should be long enough to tie a bow around the middle of each bell jar.
5. Place each label face side down and thread the ribbon through the two slits (it should run behind the name of the cake). Turn the label over and gently pull the ribbon through the slits so that it’s in the middle of the ribbon before tying it onto your bell jar.

Pink and white bell jar labels
(Makes 6 labels per print out)
Green and white bell jar labels
(Makes 6 labels per print out)

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Created by the Garden and Home design team