3 Quick and easy DIY projects

Three super easy DIY projects from our November 2013 issue

1. Transforming old finds with mirrors

Console table

Grant Horak of Horak Venter Designs found this old school blackboard in India and cleverly had it mirrored; it now looks stunning on the landing of this Durban home. Much of the blackboard’s old character and faded colour remains, giving it a rustic, vintage look.

2. Using unusual finds as plant containers

Another great idea if you’re big into gardening is how Gary Searle, of St Leger & Viney, used chimney pots for growing asparagus in his vegetable garden – so creative!

3. Giving furniture a fresh look with low-prep paint


Upcycling pro Sacha Olivier gave this tired, old-fashioned cupboard a vibrant new look with her homemade low-prep paint. All you need to do is lightly sand the item you’re painting, no primer needed, then use your low-prep paint, which is so simple to make.

Make your own low-prep paint using Sacha’s recipe:

  • Dissolve ½ cup plaster of Paris in ½ cup hot water
  • Mix into 1½ cups of paint in the colour of your choice.

“This paint has a matt chalky finish, but for a glossier look you can apply some floor wax over the top and buff it to a sheen,” suggests Sacha.

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