This light dish is the perfect starter for a summer occasion



  • 150g day-old crusty white bread
  • 200g ground almonds
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 25ml sherry vinegar or
  • red wine vinegar
  • 100g seedless green grapes, peeled
  • 125ml olive or avocado oil
  • 400ml chicken or vegetable stock, ice cold
  • salt and milled black pepper, to taste


  • 45ml olive or avocado oil
  • 15ml chives, finely chopped
  • 12 seedless green grapes, peeled, if desired, and halved
  • 45ml flaked almonds, lightly toasted
  • fresh country-style bread


  1. Remove the crusts from the day-old bread, cut it into cubes and place in a food processor.
  2. Add the almonds, garlic, vinegar, grapes and oil.
  3. Season well with salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. Blend, and with the motor running, slowly add the cold chicken or vegetable stock until it is thick and creamy. Season to taste. Transfer to a container and refrigerate until well chilled.
  5. To serve, ladle the cold soup into chilled bowls and top with a drizzle of olive or avocado oil, some chives, grapes and toasted almonds.
  6. Serve with fresh crusty bread.

(Serves 6)