Thanks to her abundance of garden grown produce, gardener and Instagrammer, Jill Mettler, whose garden is featured in our June issue, has something different on her table every day. Try her granadilla basil mint cordial.

(Serves 10–12)


4 cups castor sugar

2 cups filtered water

250ml granadilla pulp

Crushed ice, to taste

Sparkling water, to taste


1 cup basil and mint leaves and flowers (optional)


1. To make the cordial, combine the castor sugar, water and granadilla pulp in a saucepan, bring to the boil then allow to steep and cool.

2. Once cooled, strain the liquid and decant into a pretty bottle.

3. To serve, pour the cordial over crushed ice and dilute with sparkling water. Garnish with basil and mint leaves and flowers, if using.

*COOK’S NOTE: Replace the sparkling water with sparkling wine for a refreshing cocktail.