It’s winter time and if you talk to any winter person (something I am not) they will tell you that one of the main things they love about winter is the warm, hearty dishes that come with the colder weather.

Here is a roundup of herbs to grow that will come in handy for soups and stews this winter:


Rosemary is such an all-rounder herb. It’s woody and pine-like, making it a great addition for soups, stews, roasted veggies, chicken and meats. It’s also great to add rosemary to potatoes or simply for baked bread for that extra flair.

rosemary meat

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Thyme is earthy and has a slight hint of mint, without it being too overpowering. This versatile herb is perfect for stews, soups, roasts, chicken and veggie dishes too. Thyme has a unique way of adding depth to casseroles, and quiche and is a great addition to pie stuffings.


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This one is not for everyone, but I love to add sage to some of my dishes. It is strong and slightly peppery, and maybe even a little bitter, depending on how much you add and how you cook it. However, it works well in stuffing or as an accompaniment to fatty meats, like pork, for instance. If pairing it with veggies, sage works well with root veggies and brown butter sauces.

sage dish

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Bay leaves

Contrary to sage, which can be quite strong, bay leaves are such a backgrounding herb. It is subtle in flavour, with hints of floral and herby notes. It is perfect for soups, stews, curries and even braised dishes. It is perfect for slow-cooked dishes as it is so light in flavour, but it adds a dimension that will enhance the overall flavour of the dish.

bay leaf

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Oregano is slightly bitter and robust but works well with tomato-based saucy meals, like spaghetti bolognese, and lasagne. Oregano is commonly used in Mediterranean and Mexican dishes, but also pairs well with meat and other tomato-based stews, like our delicious South African tomato bredie. 


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Parsley is definitely one of my favourites as it is so fresh and slightly peppery. It gives any dish a fresh note and you can add it to soups, stews, frikkadels and you can even add it to garnish certain dishes or as an addition to your onion-tomato sambal to top off your curries.

parsley dish

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Chives are onion-like, which is why it could used as a great base ingredient of a hearty meal, like soup, stew or many other creamy dishes. Chives are a great way to introduce a fresh note to a winter meal.


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Dhania (or coriander)

The dividing herb, as I like to call it, as you either love coriander or hate it. I love the spicy, warm, almost citrusy flavours it adds to dishes. It adds depth to soups and stews and is the perfect addition to a spicy, hearty curry. It could also be used to roast meat, veggies and even as a marinating rub. Cilantro is the perfect addition to lamb dishes and coriander seeds are great for ham dishes.


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Did you know: Dhania, coriander and cilantro are all the same plant? It is the annual herb in the Apiaceae family. Cilantro is the name for its leaves and stems, while coriander or dhania is the name for its dried seeds.


Enhance the flavour of your hearty, winter dishes with these top 8 herbs.



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