These deciduous trees are a great addition to your tree collection in your garden. Get a wisteria tree and see the benefits of it in the summer months. 

Lush wisteria plant in the morning sun.

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About the wisteria tree

The wisteria tree is an annual shedding tree in the winter. The tree comes into play in the spring/summer months as it is densely covered in drooping sprays of mauve purple-like leaves.

The leaves are alternate with some glossy green mixed with the purple-like leavesThis tree flowers from August to January; in those months, you’ll see colourful leaves all over your garden. 

You’ll find long downward hanging mauve-purple fragrant and pea-like flowers, this when the tree has fully flowered and bloomed. People don’t know that the wisteria tree retains its leaves during the winter season.

 It is an evergreen tree when it gets plenty of water. Wisteria will shed some of their leaves during the annual shedding months but will retain some if an adequate water supply is available.

Wisteria tree being graceful and attractive for spring season

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Benefits of planting wisteria trees

It is ideal to grow for small gardens, as it doesn’t have an aggressive root system. It offers a visual spectacle when it blooms with some theatrical bloom performance in your garden. Here are some benefits of the wisteria trees:

Offers some shade 

With its vigorous growth, wisteria trees will provide natural shade in your garden during the hot summer. The wisteria will create a private oasis in your backyard where you and your family can enjoy for days. It is both functional and breathtakingly beautiful.

Attracts pollinators

The wisteria’s sweet scent is a call to pollinators, ensuring your garden is booming with life and helping the ecosystem’s health. These crucial garden guests will be beneficial not only to your tree but to other plants in your garden. 

Therapeutic gardening

Engaging in the care of your wisteria plant will provide you with a therapeutic escape from the stresses of daily lifeAs you immerse yourself in your garden’s tranquillity, the nurturing of your growing wisteria will become a stress reliever.

Wisteria tree plants blooming in the garden

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This tree is tenacious and can survive long droughts, just another reason why a wisteria would be a great addition to your garden.


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