Cookery teacher and caterer Danielle du Toit of Pheka ( prefers simple, seasonal dishes that complement the relaxed style of entertaining she loves



  • 1 cambrini cheese or whole camembert
  • 250g good quality cream cheese
  • few preserved figs in syrup (reserve a little of the syrup)
  • few pieces preserved ginger
  • handful salted and roasted mixed nuts
  • savoury biscuits or crackers, to serve


1. Split the cambrini cheese horizontally and place the bottom piece on your chosen platter. Spread half the cream cheese over the top.
2. Thinly slice half the preserved figs and ginger pieces and place them on top of the cream cheese with a drizzle of the reserved fig syrup.
3. Place the other half of the cambrini cheese on top, then add another layer of the remaining cream cheese. Chop the remaining figs and ginger and use together with the nuts to garnish the cheese.
4. Serve with savoury biscuits or crackers.

This recipe serves 6 – 8.