Want to keep the elegance of your home top-notch? Instead of collecting rainwater through ugly-looking down pipes, opt for something stylish using rain chains. 

Umbrella themed Rain chains in a Japanese garden

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What are rain chains?

These are decorative, functional alternative downspouts for rainwater from your room. They are an option to choose and opt for beyond the traditional gutter. Created in Japan, they have quickly gained popularity worldwide because of their unique Asian style.

Homeowners gravitate towards them because rain chains are a perfect mix of functionality and beauty. They can be simple or you can theme them according to the aesthetic of your home. Rain chains are charming and will enhance the beauty of your home. 

Why opt for rain chains?

More people are turning to rain chains to keep their homes safe and stylish. The popularity of rain chains gives the home a modern feel, although the idea of rain chains is old in Japan/ Asian heritage. Four reasons why you should get them: 

Easy to install

Rain chain installation is relatively simple and intuitive. You can install some themed ones to match your home aesthetic. Whether you live in a dry climate or a wet one, installing one is a good idea, a good mechanism to guide water down a drain. 

They are affordable

Rain chains are reasonably priced and can boost your outdoor wow factor for less. Most homeowners think they are pricey due to how pretty they look but you can also have your own at a cost-friendly price.

Rain chains are pretty  

Rain chains are meant to be a showcase while being functional. They can be simple, classic or themed. You can have them in any colour or any design. Some designs feature hearts, watering cans, flower-inspired designs or even umbrella chain designs. The main aim is to enhance the beauty of your home whilst being functional.

Less likely to be clogged

Gutters may work but they are more likely to get clogged over time. With rain chains, clogging is less likely

This is because there is no space for leaves and other debris to pass through the chains. Water flows freely without clogging. Make the switch to rain chains this winter. 

Rain Chain on a rainy day dripping down

Image Credit: Unsplash

They are the new favourite way of both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. They add drama, movement and sound during the rainy season. 


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