Want to learn more about Aeroponic gardening? Commonly known as tower gardening/farming. This type of gardening takes a lot of work. However, with time it produces healthy crops.

Understanding Aeroponic Gardening

This type of gardening involves growing plants without the use of soil. Instead, it relies on air to deliver a nutrient-rich mist to the plant’s roots. Its main purpose is cultivating plants in air or misty environments, eliminating the need for soil.

Aeroponic loosely translates to working air. The production of crops in tower-like gardens has become a modern way of gardening. Tower gardens help with saving space.

The fundamental principles involve suspending the plants in semi-closed environments and feeding the dangling roots and lower stems of your crops with a nutrient-rich water solution. This organic, nutrient-rich solution is easily digested by the plants, making your crops grow faster. 

The mist provided in the closed environment is delivered directly to the roots. Aeroponics maximises nutrient absorption while putting less stress on your plants which in turn leads to it producing healthier crops.

Sustainable agriculture lettuce on vertical aeroponic tower system

Image Credit: Unsplash

Why Choose Aeroponic Gardening? 

This type of gardening addresses the modern farming issues in the world by offering new alternative ways to produce greens and vegetables. Some important advantages include:

  • It uses less land
  • All year-round crop production
  • Less water usage
  • More efficient
  • Safer from soil contamination or unpredictable weather

Benefits of Aeroponic Gardens

  • Healthier Growing: With the aeroponic system, you grow clean crops. Crops that are more nutrient, more green and more tastier.
  • Increased Produce: Plants grown in these gardens grow 3x faster than those in outdoor gardens.
  • Easier Growing: They offer convenience and are time-saving, meaning no more digging and weeds.
  • Offers Sustainability: Healthy for the environment.
Celery planted on tower garden- aeroponic gardening

Image Credit: Unsplash

Crops grown in these tower gardens are considered healthier, and more abundant. If you’re looking for an alternative to growing your crops, try tower gardens. 


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Feature Image: Unsplash