Water harvesting is the capturing of rainwater through various systems for drinking and irrigation. With some places facing drought, preserving and collecting water is fundamental. Water harvesting should be used by all gardeners who wish to save water and protect the environment.

Here are a few methods you can use to make sure you harvest water in the best way possible.

Rain Barrels

This method is the most common and one that many people are familiar with. The actual barrel may be a recycled barrel or a new commercially available rain barrel. This involves installing a barrel at a gutter downspout to collect rainwater. The advantage of barrels is that anyone can easily implement them.

Rain Barrels Water butt collects rain water from the roof of old fashion sandstone greenhouses , saving water and helping fight water shortages and drought.

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Tank System

This is a collection of pipes that drop or empties directly into the top of the tank. The tank system is the larger version of the rain barrels, and they store a large amount of rainwater. What makes it a must-have is that it can be inexpensive to implement and a less complicated system to maintain. The storage tank must be located next to your house.

Tank System Australian building rainwater conservation tanks for water supply on new house in rural region

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The Wet System

Wet systems are comprised of pipework that runs underground to your water tank. The rainwater will fill the underground piping and rise in the vertical pipes until it spills into the tank. This system where pipes go underground, can utilize a pressurized system to avoid retaining stagnant water and can be mosquito-proofed through screens and filters.


They are generally used for rainwater catchment and storing rainwater. Cisterns are underground or partially submerged covered structures that hold and pump out water. It requires the most attention because it drives the efficiency of the system. This type of rainwater harvesting is environmentally friendly and saves money.

Top aerial view of purification tanks of modern wastewater treatment plant

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The reality is that rainwater harvesting is becoming a viable alternative for supplying households and businesses with water. It’s not just for farms anymore. This makes it a great sustainable method for anyone wanting to protect the environment while saving money.



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