Terracotta pots are a garden staple, beloved for their classic Mediterranean look, their colour and the benefits they provide to the plants they house. The burnt orange of this famous clay has even been named 2023’s garden colour of the year.

If you want to stray from the traditional terracotta pot or vase and try something different, give these DIY’s a go:

Pull out your paints

To add a pop of colour to a uniform terracotta pot, pull out your paints and get creative. You can create different designs and patterns that catch the eye, or choose colours that complement the plants you choose to fill them with. Always make sure that outdoor pots are painted with weather and UV-resistant paints to prevent them from fading.

Hanging gardens

Terracotta pots are typically not recommended for hanging because of their weight. However, when using a smaller terracotta pot that doesn’t hold much soil, you shouldn’t have any trouble with a strong hanger. This is great for indoor gardens where plastic pots are far more common, providing some much-needed contrast.


One of the downsides of terracotta is that the pots are more fragile, breaking easily when accidentally knocked over or bumped. But, that doesn’t mean you should throw your cracked pots away. Instead lay them on their side and fill them with plants to bury in your garden beds for an artistic feature.

Crock pot

One of the best ways to use old pieces of terracotta is at the bottom of new containers. Called crocks, these pieces stop soil from falling out the base of the container and are believed to aid in drainage, too. Just make sure the pieces don’t completely block the drainage holes and your plants should be happy after planting.



Using Terracotta In The Garden

An original version of this article was written by Madison Moulton and appeared in the Garden&Home April 2023 print magazine. 

Feature Image: Pexels