A hygge garden is a great way to commune with nature from the comfort of home. Here’s how you can achieve hygge in your backyard. 

What does hygge mean?

The term originates from Norway describing a sense of wellbeing derived from within a calming garden or outdoor environment. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, this is the kind of garden created to bring its visitors a sense of peace. 

Lounging area

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Your garden should include a seating area for you to sit and enjoy the comfort of being in the garden. Try adding a seating area for you and your guests to lounge in whenever you visit the garden. There are different ways to achieve seating, think hanging hairs, deck chairs, a bench or a table and chairs.

Whatever your chosen seating arrangement, make sure it allows you and your guests to comfortably lounge and enjoy the peace and serenity offered by the garden.  

Good lighting 

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A hygge garden is typically known to incorporate beautiful lighting. So, go ahead and splurge on those outdoor fairy lights to give your garden some illumination. Enjoying your garden doesn’t need to only be a daytime affair.

Hanging a lighting feature in your garden makes it possible to chill in the garden even when it’s dark outside. Your garden will have this ever-inviting feel to it that draws you in even as the sun sets.

Light a fire

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If you search any images of a hygge garden, you might notice that a significant number of them include a fire. Well, that is because nothing is more comforting in an outdoor entertainment area than an open fire.

A fire pit installation can be one way to add a piece of harmony to your hygge garden. Sitting around the fire makes us all feel warm and toastie. This is the kind of feeling you want your hygge garden to embody, essentially. 

Garden art

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Another element in the hygge garden is art. Features such as stone or ceramic sculptures and even mosaics are welcomed additions to the sensory experience of being in the garden.

Adding ornaments will create the feeling of your garden being more than a place to grow your food or plants, but a place for achieving calm.

Your garden will have that extra bit of charm to please the senses with ornaments and sculptures dotting the parameter of your garden.

Nature’s garden

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Invite nature into your garden with a bird bath. To give your feathered friends a place to refresh and refuel, also look into planting berries they will love. Avoid the use of pesticides in these plants for a sustainable garden the birds will enjoy.

If you can add a fountain feature to your bird bath, you will also love the sound of trickling water as you gaze upon the night sky.

Fruit for thought

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Planting fruit trees is also good for your hygge garden. Fruit trees are fragrant giving off a lovely aroma throughout the garden.

Planting the fruit you love also means that you are in for a harvest at the end of the day, which is an excellent reward from your garden to your table. These fruity plants also attract our nature friends, so your garden will always be alive with buzzing and fluttering. 

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Featured image: Pexels