Winter has arrived, bringing a unique set of tasks to ensure your garden remains healthy and prepared for the coming spring.

While it may be tempting to take a break from gardening during the colder months, a little effort now can significantly lighten your workload later.

Here are nine essential tasks to keep your garden in top shape this winter:

1. Protect tender plants

Be prepared for sudden temperature swings. Use horticultural fleece, newspapers, or blankets to shield delicate plants from frost. This simple step can prevent frost damage and keep your plants healthy.

2. Leave Hydrangea flower heads

Avoid cutting off the faded flower heads on your hydrangeas. These natural insulators provide frost protection to the swelling buds lower down the stems, ensuring a beautiful bloom come spring.


3. Dig over bare soil

Turn over bare soil in your garden beds and add a generous layer of manure. Let the winter weather and earthworms do the work of breaking up clods of soil, improving its structure and fertility for spring planting.

4. Clean the greenhouse

Winter is the perfect time to give your greenhouse a thorough cleaning. Wash the glass, floor, and staging with a mild disinfectant to eliminate any overwintering pests and diseases, creating a healthy environment for your plants.


5. Maintain the lawn

If the weather is mild, continue to mow the lawn, but raise the height of the mower blades. Aerate the lawn by spiking it with a fork to improve drainage and air circulation. Clear fallen leaves to let in light and prevent dead patches.

6. Plant Tulips

There’s still time to plant tulip bulbs. Avoid planting on frosty days and use chicken wire to protect the bulbs from hungry squirrels. This ensures a beautiful display of tulips in the spring.


7. Encourage indoor blooms

If you’ve planted paperwhites, amaryllis (Lily), and other bulbs for indoor flowering, bring them into a warm, well-lit room to encourage blooms during the festive season. Their vibrant colours and fragrances will brighten up your home.

8. Enjoy Winter scents

Take time to appreciate the winter scents in your garden. Plants like Daphne odora ‘Marginata’ and Sarcococca (Christmas Box) have delightful fragrances. Cut a few sprigs to bring indoors and enjoy their scent throughout your home.

9. Create festive decorations

Cut evergreen foliage and branches to make festive garlands and wreaths. Use conifers, ivy, Cornus stems, and holly for traditional displays, or eucalyptus and ferns for a more contemporary look.


By tackling these tasks, you can enjoy a productive and beautiful winter garden while preparing for the vibrant growth of spring. Embrace the crisp winter days and make the most of your garden year-round.



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Image: Pexels