Who doesn’t love a good podcast or gardening session to lighten up your mood or keep you busy during your spare time? Now imagine being able to enjoy both of these things all in the same amount of time!

If you’re an avid gardener looking to expand your horticultural horizons, dive into the wonderful world of gardening podcasts! These audio shows offer a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and gardening tips from experts in the field. Whether you’re tending to a backyard plot or nurturing houseplants indoors, there’s a podcast out there to suit your green interests.

Explore this list of our top favourite must-listen gardening podcasts

1. Cultivating Place

Hosted by garden writer Jennifer Jewell, “Cultivating Place” explores the deeper meanings behind gardening. Rather than focusing solely on garden tasks, Jennifer delves into the “how and why” of gardening, sparking thought-provoking conversations with her guests. Expect insightful discussions that will inspire you to view gardening as more than just a hobby—it’s a way of understanding our connection to the natural world.

Image: Cultivating Place/Instagram

2. The Garden Futurist

Looking to garden with a purpose? Tune in to “The Garden Futurist” by the Pacific Horticulture Society. This podcast highlights innovative ideas that contribute to climate resilience through gardening. Discover how gardens can play a pivotal role in combating climate change while gaining insights from leading thinkers in the gardening community.

3. Growing Greener

Produced in collaboration with the Berkshire Botanic Garden, “Growing Greener” is your go-to podcast for sustainable gardening practices. Host Tom Christopher, a seasoned garden designer, interviews experts who champion eco-friendly gardening techniques. Learn how to make your garden healthier and more sustainable while nurturing a greener environment.

4. The Native Plant Podcast

Explore the wonders of native plants with this laid-back podcast hosted by a group of gardening enthusiasts. Originating from the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference, this podcast features engaging conversations with leading native plant experts. Dive into the archive for a wealth of knowledge about cultivating indigenous flora.

Image: The Native Podcast/Instagram

5. Let’s Argue About Plants

Plant aficionados, this one is for you! Join editors Danielle Sherry and Carol Collins of Fine Gardening as they geek out over all things plants. From expert tips to lively debates on garden favourites, this podcast is a paradise for plant enthusiasts. Get ready to expand your botanical repertoire and discover new species to cultivate in your own garden.

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