This exquisite and refreshing approach to gardening helps capture the essence of the seaside. It helps embody the tranquillity, beauty and spirit of coastal gardens. Here are a few ways you can design your coastal garden.

Coastal garden with white wood picket fence

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What are coastal gardens?

Coastal gardens are gardens that are positioned beside, or near, the ocean coastlines. When starting your very own coastal garden, take into account the ocean conditions to ensure that the plants you choose can cope with the conditions. The design of your coastal garden can also help protect plants and provide better growing conditions.

Coastal garden with blue white flowers blooming

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Designing your coastal garden

When designing your coastal garden, let the ocean be your source of inspiration. Although coastal gardens can come with challenging conditions, they can also present you with the opportunity to grow plants that thrive in salty, windy conditions. Consider incorporating a few key elements that will help your garden thrive:

Plant water-retentive plants

Since the coastal soil is sandy nutrients leach out very quickly. Always opt for plants that thrive in coastal environments. Plants that are okay with the windy and salty ocean conditions.

These plants will both offer your garden a coastal appeal and environmental benefits. They are well adapted to the conditions of their environment. Prepare your soil well with loads of compost and plants water-retentive plants.

Use natural materials

Embrace the use of natural materials in your garden. Stone or shells can be used as decorative or functional elements in your coastal garden. Using ocean finds helps create pathways to match the aesthetics of your garden.

These materials will help blend your garden and enhance its overall sense of connectivity to the ocean surroundings. Some of these coastal-inspired materials will emphasise the coastal garden theme.

Create an outdoor living space

Why not create an inviting outdoor living space where you can relax and enjoy the ocean breeze in your coastal garden?

Having a space where you can relax outdoors in the garden is beneficial, as it allows you to enjoy the coastal ambience. Furnish your outdoors with cosy seating for the ultimate relaxation.

Patio with garden furniture overlooking empty beach in the summer.

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You can create your coastal garden by incorporating any elements that match your garden aesthetic.


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