Renowned for vineyards that produce some of South Africa’s finest wines, Constantia also captivates visitors with its lush greenery, offering somewhat of an escape from the busy Mother City.

The suburb boasts some high-end properties that exude elegance and charm, embodying a lifestyle of luxury and sophistication. This, combined with the area’s unique blend of natural beauty, makes it a coveted destination for those seeking tranquillity and refinement.

Alphen Trail Greenbelt, Constantia Heights

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In August 2023, Rawson Property Group reported thriving property sales in Constantia Upper. ‘Constantia Upper is an exclusive, yet family-friendly, suburb with easy access to some of the best public and private schools in South Africa,’ Rawson agent Jacques Fourie reported at the time.

Some of the schools in the area include Constantia Waldorf School, Reddam House and the American International School of Cape Town.

‘This is a big draw for people moving to Cape Town from Joburg and KZN.’

The area attracts foreign buyers, particularly German, Swiss, French, American and Dubai nationals.

‘Some are moving here permanently – often families looking to raise their children in an amazing and relatively affordable lifestyle,’ Fourie said. ‘Others are leveraging their stronger currencies to invest in second or third homes to be used for just a few months of the year.’

Constantia’s proximity to the City centre, top-rated schools and entertainment options further solidify its appeal, making it the perfect choice for families.

The suburb is located approximately 20km from the City centre, providing a peaceful lifestyle while remaining close to the City’s amenities. Neighbourhoods like Bishopscourt, Newlands and Tokai surround Constantia, meaning residents have easy access to shopping and entertainment options.

Although Constantia attracts many buyers from various areas, the largest market remains locals.

‘A lot of homeowners complete their full property journey right here in the same suburb, from first home to family home to retirement spot,’ Fourie added.

‘That’s one of the big benefits of this area – there are properties to suit all life stages. As long as you’re not looking for an apartment, that is.’

There is also much to explore, such as the Constantia Wine Route. The oldest uninterrupted wine-growing region in the Southern Hemisphere is known for producing Sauvignon Blanc, which was the driving force behind establishing the first varietal-specific wine route in South Africa.

Visitors can explore the route, learn all about the history of the many wine farms and restaurants and even shop from top-end boutiques to locally hand-crafted items.

Furthermore, Constantia is home to an array of hiking and biking trails, parks and nearby nature reserves, including the Tokai Forest and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Equestrian adventurers can even participate in horseback riding, as horse trails are a key feature in the area and surrounds.

Alphen Trail Greenbelt, Constantia Heights

Image credit: Grant Durr / Unsplash

There are also varied places of worship in Constantia, including Dutch Reformed, Anglican and Catholic Churches, the Constantia Hebrew Synagogue and two Mosques.

The two main shopping centres, Constantia Village and Steenberg Shopping Centre, offer a sense of community with coffee shops, boutique clothing stores, decorating shops, book shops and supermarket brands – which also adds to the high property values for homes.

As reported by global real estate consultancy and estate agency Knight Frank, property in Constantia is highly sought-after.

Its location, history and prestige remained steadfast even though its properties underwent several subdivisions and developments over the years.


Explore nature by spending a morning in Constantia’s vineyards

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