For showstoppers in the garden, dinner plate dahlias deliver in spades. These magnificent blooms are the new kids on the block and they ooze sophistication in a vase or bouquet. Keep reading for seven must-know growing tips. 

Top tips for growing dinner plate dahlias

  1. Dahlias can be planted from September through to December in fertile soil with added compost and good drainage. 
  2. Choose a spot in full sun for the best flowering and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. 
  3. Feed with a fertiliser for fruit and flowers or a specific bulb food once flowers start budding.
  4. Staking is recommended for taller dahlias. Place a 1 m stake alongside the tubers to support them as they grow when planting.
  5. Prune back every now and again to promote new growth and new flowers.
  6. Cut for the vase just before they are about to open. 
  7. As the season ends, plants turn yellow and start to die down. Keep them fed and watered until they have died down completely and lift at the beginning of winter to store for the next season.

Photo by Debadutta from Pexels

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