It’s always a worry when you have mice in your home. However, there are specific plants that keep rats and mice from invading your home. These plants are known for their fragrant properties that repel rodents. Here are natural mice-repellent plants. 


This fragrant herb, commonly used in cooking, is also an effective pest repellent. Growing sage in your home is one of the best ways to repel rats and mice. Rats dislike the smell of sage and will actively avoid it. 

This helps to keep your garden free of rats. If you have a rat problem and haven’t planted sage in your garden yet you can sprinkle the herb onto the soil around outdoor plants. The strong smell should be enough to keep rats and mice away.

Sage plant growing in a garden

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This plant is popular in gardens, not only for its incredible beauty but for its fresh scent that fills the air. But while the lingering scent is pleasant for our homes, it’s also repulsive to mice and rats.

For this reason, growing lavender in your garden is good, or you could sprinkle a few around your garden. The powerful, aromatic smell should keep mice and rats away. 

Lavender blooming in summer, beautiful sunset behind.

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Beautiful and packed with danger. These plants are poisonous if ingested by rats and mice and may result in diarrhoea and vomiting. Daffodils can be planted in your garden to avoid the presence of mice. The distasteful smell can keep mice at bay and help your garden. 

Daffodils in full bloom in a garden

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Consider growing eucalyptus in your garden to keep disruptive mice away. Mice don’t appreciate the strong aroma of eucalyptus. Alternatively, consider using eucalyptus leaves or oil around your home to help deter mice. The smell of the plant is strong enough to keep them away. It is vital to place them strategically around rats and mice-prone areas in your garden.

Eucalyptus tree in the countryside with leaves blooming on it

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To keep mice out of your yard and home, it’s crucial to maintain your plants and cultivate mouse-repelling plants properly. With the right plant repellents, your plants can thrive.


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