Whether you want to grow flowers, have fresh herbs for cooking, or create a full-blown backyard mini-farm, garden efficiency is essential. Check out some of our ideas on how to increase your garden’s productivity.

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Boost your soil health

The key to any productive garden starts with the soil. Your plants need to grow in healthy soil that is rich in nutrients. Your soil needs to be able to retain water. If gardening in containers always start with fresh potting soil, which helps regulate soil moisture. To boost your soil health in garden containers make use of organic compost. 

Plant the right crops for your garden

The right plants are just as important as building healthy soil for creating a productive garden. Your plants must be able to withstand the climate in your climate zone. Understanding your climate zone is the stepping stone to planting the right crops for your garden. Choose plants that naturally thrive in your climate conditions and you’ll have more fruits and healthy vegetables.

Plant for pollinators

Pollinators play a major role in boosting garden productivity. Planting nectar and pollen-rich flower plants in your garden is essential in inviting pollinator populations. These pollinators ensure fruits and veggies are produced healthy and organically. 

Collect rainwater

Turn your roof into a productive area for catching rainwater with the help of a rain barrel. Rainwater collection is a good way to boost garden productivity because you collect water naturally, thus being environmentally friendly. You can use the stored rainwater to keep your garden or potted containers watered during drier months. You’ll have an endless supply of water for the benefit of your plants. 

Companion planting

Some plants are mutually beneficial. Grown together can help increase the overall production of both plants. A good idea of companion planting would be to pair vegetables with flowers. This can help in reducing problems with pests. Companion planting can take many forms, from helping with pests to help with smothering weeds. It is a creative way to prevent pests and weeds. 

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Gardening is all about relaxing and being productive. Boosting your garden productivity will help you relax and let nature do its thing. 


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