Not sure what to grow in your garden as the winter months creep in?

With just a little extra care and useful tips, you’ll be able to keep your garden flourishing well into winter.

Here’s what to grow in winter for a thriving garden:


Your succulents are hardy plants.

In winter, keep the soil as dry as possible, only giving the plant enough water to keep it hydrated.

If you live in a freezing part of the country, consider blanketing your succulents, or if they’re in pots, put them in a sunny spot inside.


How to keep your indoor plants alive during winter


Thyme, sage, parsley and oregano are all perfect examples of herbs that thrive in the winter.

Keep them in full sun, and water as usual, but make sure the soil is draining well.


Start your winter vegetable garden between March and May, while the weather’s still mild.

Veggies like onions, broad beans, asparagus, radishes, spinach, garlic and spring onions not only provide you with the perfect ingredients for a delicious soup, but also do well in a winter garden.

Growing onions all year round


Keep your garden beautiful with bright flowers that flourish in the cold.

Flowers like antirrhinums (snapdragons), begonias, calendulas, marigolds, pansies, petunias, and zinnias are the most likely to bloom right into winter.


Do your plants need a winter watering makeover?

Feature image: Pexels