With the right mix of flowers, you can have fresh, beautiful blooms at your fingertips all season long. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, understanding which flowers to plant and grow in your cutting garden is important.

What is a cut flower garden?

A cut flower garden is an area dedicated to the sole purpose of growing and harvesting/cutting blooms to be displayed in a vase.

Gardens for cutting are practical. These are not display gardens; they are workspaces.

Cutting off every flower in a cutting garden is the main goal! The purpose of the blossoms is not to bloom on the plant, but to be appreciated in a vase, and for fans of bedding and landscape flowers, this can be hard to accept but if you want to adorn your home with vases of beautiful blooms, we have some options for you.

The best flowers to grow for your cutting garden


Zinnias are easy to grow and come in a rainbow of colours, making them a perfect addition to any cutting garden. They bloom profusely throughout the summer and attract pollinators to your garden.


Dahlias are prized for their stunning, intricate blooms and come in a wide range of shapes and colours. Plant different varieties to enjoy a continuous supply of flowers from midsummer to the first frost.

Cut flowers to grow in your garden



Bright and cheery, sunflowers are a must-have for any cutting garden. Their large, bold blooms add a pop of colour and are perfect for creating stunning arrangements.


Cosmos are delicate and dainty flowers that add an airy touch to bouquets. They bloom abundantly and are a favourite of butterflies, adding extra charm to your garden.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are beloved for their sweet fragrance and delicate blooms. Plant them along a trellis or fence for vertical interest and enjoy their enchanting scent all season long.


Peonies are classic garden favourites known for their large, fragrant blooms. While they require a bit of patience to establish, their exquisite flowers are well worth the wait.

Flowers to grow in your cut garden



No cutting garden is complete without roses. With their timeless beauty and intoxicating scent, roses add romance and elegance to any bouquet.


Gladiolus are tall, stately flowers that make a bold statement in the garden. Plant them in a variety of colours for a stunning display of vertical blooms.

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flowers to grow in your cut garden



Snapdragons are charming flowers with unique, snap-like blooms. They come in a variety of colours and add vertical interest to bouquets.


Tulips are synonymous with spring and bring a burst of colour to any cutting garden. Plant a mix of early, mid, and late-season varieties for continuous blooms.


Amaranth’s striking, plume-like flowers add drama and texture to bouquets. They come in rich shades of red, purple, and gold and are sure to turn heads in your garden.


Hydrangeas are prized for their lush, voluminous blooms and come in a variety of colours. Plant them in your cutting garden for a touch of elegance and charm.




Poppies are delicate and ephemeral flowers that add a touch of whimsy to any bouquet. Plant them for their vibrant colours and unique, papery blooms.


Lavender is not only prized for its fragrant foliage but also for its delicate purple blooms. Harvest the flowers for their calming scent and use them to create soothing bouquets.


Salvia’s vibrant spikes of flowers add a pop of colour and texture to your cutting garden. Plant them in sunny spots for the best results and enjoy their long-lasting blooms.


Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are beloved for their daisy-like blooms and drought tolerance. Plant them for their cheerful flowers and their ability to attract pollinators to your garden.


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