Nothing elevates the ambiance of your home quite like a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers. To ensure your floral arrangements stay vibrant and last longer, here are some expert tips for cutting flowers that will have your garden in full bloom year-round.

Hydration Preparation: Watering your plants the day before cutting flowers is a crucial step. This ensures that the stems are not limp, making them more resilient during the cutting process.

Tool Mastery: When it comes to cutting flowers, your choice of tools matters. Utilise sharp pruners or garden shears to make clean cuts, promoting better water absorption and minimising stress on the plant.

Early Morning Harvest: Timing is everything when it comes to collecting flowering stems. Head out to your garden early in the morning before the sun’s heat takes hold. This minimises moisture loss, keeping your blooms fresh and perky.

Strategic Cutting: Always make your cut just above a node or lateral branch. This encourages healthy growth and ensures a more polished appearance for your floral arrangements.



Leaf Management: To prevent wilting, remove excess leaves from the stems. While leaving a few for aesthetic purposes is fine, ensure to eliminate any leaves below the water level of your vase.

Immediate Hydration: Submerge freshly cut stems in clean water as soon as possible. This quick action encourages water absorption, keeping your flowers hydrated and prolonging their lifespan.

Double the Freshness: When you begin arranging your flowers, make a second clean cut. This helps open up the stem’s vessels, allowing for better water uptake and ensuring your bouquet looks fresh for an extended period.

Water Watch: Keep a vigilant eye on the water level in your vase. Regularly add water as needed and change it frequently to prevent bacterial growth and keep your floral display looking as brilliant as ever.

With these expert tips, your flower-cutting endeavours will not only yield stunning arrangements but also ensure the longevity of your garden’s natural beauty within the confines of your home.


Beautiful flower arrangement for summer

Feature image: Pexels