Got a bonsai but unsure how to care for it? From where to display it to the best routine for watering and fertilizing, this article will answer all your questions about bonsai tree care.

With a little guidance, you’re perfectly capable of growing your very own Bonsai trees without a mystical green thumb.


Position your bonsai close to a window to receive bright light, possibly some morning sun too. Avoid hot afternoon sun.

Since the light from windows comes from one direction it’s important that you rotate your tree by a quarter to half every week. This will ensure an evenly distributed growth pattern.


Since interior conditions are often quite dry, it is recommended to place the tree in a drip tray that’s filled with coarse sand or gravel.

Ensure the pot of your bonsai is above the water level of the drip tray at all times. Misting your tree daily also helps to increase humidity.


Tips for growing a bonsai tree



It’s better to saturate the soil of your bonsai and then wait for it to dry up a little than constantly watering it.

Your tray should always be moist but never be soggy-wet. If you find your tree too dry, dunking it in a basin of water for a few minutes and then letting excess water run off is recommended.


Your tree will enjoy being fed once a month and any pot plant fertilisers can be used. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the package.


Allow the shoots to grow up to 6-8 leaves and then trim them back to the first two leaves. Repeating this results in the development of branch ramifications.

If you want a certain area in the tree to develop more, you should leave this region to grow until it is as big as you want it and then you can start trimming the shoots back.

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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home June 2023 print edition 

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