Stressed out about everything you still need to do before Christmas? Read on for five really easy and practical tips to help you feel calmer this Christmas. You might even find the tips so helpful that you take them with you into 2023.

1. Express gratitude

In all of the rush of the festive season, we tend to forget how grateful we should be for friends and family. According to research by the Harvard Medical School, showing gratitude can make us happier and healthier and boost confidence.

Try this as a practice of gratitude: instead of signing your Christmas cards at record-breaking speed, use it as a form of calming therapy. Do this:

  • Set up your desk with candles and soft lighting- put out cards, pens and some pictures of family and friends.
  • Pretend you’re writing warm hugs. A Christmas card can feel just like an embrace to the person receiving it. Let the recipient know how much they mean to you – even organise to meet up in the new year.
  • And repeat… Set aside time daily to write out meaningful cards for those you love. You should definitely feel much calmer.

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2. Need an energy boost? Just add fizz!

The fizz in effervescent supplements helps them work in our bodies. Try one of these to give you that boost:

3. Ease into sleep

A deeply soothing essential oil can bring on sweet dreams if your to-do list keeps you up at night.

Sweet Marjoram oil is a good remedy. Its calming and sedating action can ease nervous tension and help bring on peaceful sleep. It also provides good relief for muscle and joint aches.

How? Add five to eight drops to a spoonful of full-cream milk and pour in the water as it runs into the bath.

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4. Hug your anxiety goodbye

Let feelings of anxiety and frustration melt away with a hug. Try doing a knee hug – it’s a wonderful way to release anxiety, says psychotherapist Dr Patrizia Collard.

How to do the knee hug:

  • Start from a comfortable position, lying on your back. Support your neck with a pillow or towel.
  • Bend your legs, one at a time, into the chest and gently squeeze them lightly. You can also put your arms behind the knees. Press each vertebra into the floor. Listen to your breathing.
  • Hold for as long as is comfortable.
  • Gently let go of your knees and relax your legs onto the floor.

5. Ease up on the caffeine; try these natural beverages instead

Wired nerves contribute to seasonal stress, so why not help by giving up caffeine over this festive time? Switch to herbal teas – which have great health benefits.


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Compiled by Features Writer, Andrea Cresswell 

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