Upgrade your soil

The first step to a more water-wise garden is soil that has the capacity to retain water. Organic matter like mulch or compost helps prevent water from draining too quickly from the soil, and it can stop water from evaporating due to the sun’s heat.

Choose the right plants

Different plants have different water needs, which means that planting the right ones can help create a more water-wise garden. Plants that are indigenous to your area are generally the most conservative when it comes to water consumption, whereas alien plants will often require higher levels of water.

Rethink your grass

Traditional green grass lawns actually require significant amounts of water to be maintained. Ground cover plants, rock gardens or succulent gardens are all great alternatives to grass which will use less water but still look great.

Recycle your water

By collecting rainwater or watering your garden with grey water, you can reduce the amount of fresh water used to maintain your garden.

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Get water-wise with a succulent garden

46 Water-wise plants for your garden

46 Water-Wise plants for your garden

Featured image: David Ballew via Unsplash