Sacha Olivier of Once Upon A Time shows us how easy it is to rejuvenate old cake tins with decoupage.



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You’ll need:


  • Metal cake tins
  • Wrapping or scrapbook paper
  • Wood glue or acrylic gel medium
  • An assortment of knobs
  • Spray paint to match your wrapping paper
  • A drill


How to do it:

1. Wipe the tins before you start.

2. Place the tin on its side on your chosen paper, measure, then cut out enough paper to cover it.

3. Cover the tin with a little glue, then rub or brush more glue onto the back of the paper. I used my fingers to cover the tin and the paper.

4. Lightly dip the strip of glue-covered paper in a bowl of water, taking care not to tear it. Place the paper strip on the tin and smooth it with your hands to remove bubbles and wrinkles. The pattern of the tin may show through at this stage, but this will disappear when the paper dries.

5. Spray the lid with spray paint and allow to dry.

6. Mark the centre of the lid, then drill a hole through it. Attach the knob. Place the lid back on the tin, then use for cookies and sweets or as a gift box.