Petunias are container garden staples known for their large and vibrant trumpet-shaped blooms. They can be grown almost all year round in some regions, as long as you choose the right variety for the right season. By following these essential tips, you can keep your petunias happy and full of flowers throughout the season:

Use the right potting mix

The right soil is the foundation of strong petunia growth. Choose a high-quality potting mix with added coconut coir for extra moisture retention. If you’re planting in a deep container, use empty bottles at the bottom to avoid filling it with an excess of soil and adding weight to the pot. Add a handful of slow-release fertilizer to the potting mix for an additional growth boost.

Place in full sun

To get the most flowers out of your petunias, they need a spot with plenty of sunlight. At least 6 hours per day is recommended, preferably more in cooler months. At the height of summer when the sun is intense, give them some protection during the hottest part of the day to prevent heat stress.

Check soil moisture often

Petunias need regular watering to keep their lush leaves upright and to promote flowering. But they are also quite sensitive to rot, so it’s vital to avoid overwatering. Check the soil often and water when the soil has almost dried out. This interval will depend on the environmental conditions, the size of the plant and the size of the container.

Prune leggy plants

Petunias can become leggy throughout the season, especially midway through flowering. Pruning the plants back can revive them and have them looking as good as the day you bought them. Trim the stems and flowers back with sharp secateurs to promote new and healthy growth.



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Featured image: Emma Gossett via Unsplash