Chances are it’s been some time since you took the last dip of the summer season in your outdoor pool. 

It’s a little late in the season, but we thought it would be great to share some more outdoor winter tips.

Depending on where you are in the country, you might experience winter differently. 

It is still worth it to consider purchasing a pool cover for your pool to cut down on the cost and effort of pool maintenance.

There are some benefits to covering your outdoor pool for winter. 

Winter-proofing your pool

A pool covering for the winter is not only great for keeping out debris, but a way of living more sustainably. 

This saves you money on heating costs over the cold winter month when you are not likely to go for a swim. 

Outdoor in-ground pools specifically are susceptible to falling leaves from overhanging trees. 

You want to keep all that out to avoid a nasty clean up later as the warmer months invite you to the water once again.

So, what are the pool covering options out there? 

You are likely to find a few cheaper options for a pool cover such as that of a tarp or a mesh cover.

Both have their pros and are easily accessible from your nearest pool shop. 

Step one

Ensure that the pool’s pH is properly balanced.

Step two

Clean out your pool and sweep out all the fallen leaves to prevent algae build up which eventually turns the pool water green. 

You will have to scrub the sides of the pool and vacuum the bottom

Step three

Shock treat the pool water with chlorine or shock treatment formula. 

Step four

You want to drain the pool water just below the jets or the level below the skimmer.

Step five

Next, you will need to clean, dry and pack away the pool fittings.

Step six

Affix your safety cover over the pull. 

If you are using a mesh cover, there’s the added advantage of rain water seeping through while debris is kept out.

You can now venture indoors and enjoy a cozy winter season until the first sign of spring. 

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Featured image: Unsplash / @ Ryan Wilson