The most important thing you can do for your plants’ health is to take care of the soil they grow in. Your garden soil is important as your garden grows more bountiful with healthy-looking crops.

Tips for enriching your soil

Knowing how to improve garden soil so it’s up to the task of providing your plants with the nutrients they need is key. Whatever your soil type is, improving it to get the best crop production is essential.

1. Use homemade compost

Well-made homemade compost is one of the best soil conditioners it adds nutrients and beneficial microbes that are necessary for the development of your soil.

It may sound like a mission to make your compost but it is very easy homemade compost is very fertile and good for your garden soil. It’s alive, mineral-rich and may help with the reduction of pests and diseases that may grow on your plants.

Homemade garden compost pile on your garden soil

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2. Add manure

Adding manure is an excellent way to improve garden soil. Manure helps the soil by releasing nutrients as the manure breaks down and is very valuable to adding it to poor soils.

The best manure to use is a cow, horse, chicken and sometimes sheep manure can be used. It is important to let your manure rot down for a couple of months before using it, as fresh manure has high levels of nitrogen that can burn young plants.

Manure being handle by gardener with a garden rake

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3. Mulch the soil surface

Mulch is a must for healthy garden soil and strong plants. It helps stimulate the natural growing conditions, retains soil moisture, and prevents weed growth. Mulching with grass and natural materials from your garden. The organic natural materials will add organic matter to the soil and increase fertility.

Adding organic mulch for sustainable farming method to improve soil health

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4. Conduct a soil test

It’s important to conduct a soil test every few years to determine the additional nutrients needed to benefit your plant growth and production.

Soil tests are mainly done to ensure that your garden soil has all the necessary components. You can perform the soil test yourself or have soil samples taken by professionals.

Soil Tester Measuring temperature, moisture content of the soil.

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With these simple tips, you can grow healthier and more fertile soils.


DIY soil test

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