These drought-tolerant plants can handle various light conditions, and there are plenty of unique varieties. Here are five types of snake plant varieties to add to your houseplant collection.

1. The moonshine snake plant

They are scientifically known as the Dracaena Trifasciata. This type of snake plant has become a favourite amongst houseplant owners due to its beautiful leaves and air-purifying properties. The upward vertical leaves of the moonshine bring a peaceful ambience to a room.

The plant’s leaves have silvery-white spear-shaped leaves that make the plant appear to be bathing in the moonlight hence the name. With most snake plants, it is easy to care for and can tolerate different lighting conditions but prefers indirect light over direct sunlight.

Sansevieria moonshine popular trendy snakeplant houseplant

Image Credit: Unsplash

2. Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii

It is commonly known as the Saint George’s sword snake plant. Amongst its many names this plant this plant is uniquely native to West Africa. It is often kept as a houseplant due to the non-demanding maintenance; it can survive with very little water and sun.

With sharply pointed, dark green leaves with broad yellow margins. Even though the plant prefers low light, bright intense light causes the edges of the leaves to turn yellow.

Snake plant: Sansevieria laurentii against white background

Image Credit: Unsplash

3. Dracaena plethora

This snake plant is very slow-growing, one will need plenty of patience waiting for it to reach maturity. Unlike many snake plants, with upright growing habits, this type of snake plant species’s heavy, tough leaves start to droop to the ground as it grows and reaches its maturity. They are easily noticeable by their dark green with wavy reddish lines on the sides.

Snake plant or Sansevieria kirkii Silver Blue plant in the garden.

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4. Bantel’s sensation snake plant

Sometimes known as the white snake plant, because of the white streaks on its leaves. This beautifully elegant plant with vertical growing leaves can bloom in summer with sweet fragrant flowers.

Their tall leaves add a touch of elegance to any room you put it in. Although it is a less common version of the snake plant family. It is just as easy to care for, the plant does not need much fertilizing, but give it some extra nutrients every once in a while to keep it green, and promote good growth.

Bantel's sensation snake plant in the red pots

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5. The Sansevieria trifasciata 

The black gold snake plant is another widely popular collector that is loved because of the bright gold edging, with the sharply dark green leaves. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight as the sun will scorch the leaves, losing their vibrant gold margin elegance.

A sansevieria trifasciata snake plant in the window of a modern home

Image Credit: Pexels

Snake plant varieties are the perfect home decor houseplant since they’re pleasing to the eye, are easy to care for, and require little water to survive.


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