As indoor jungles become trendier than ever and every houseplant enthusiast looks to grow their collection, you may quickly realise that owning hundreds of houseplants can be a pricey endeavour. Luckily, these incredibly popular houseplant favourites are easy to propagate with just a glass of water, allow you to increase your stock without breaking your budget.



The fenestrated leaves of the Monstera plant are instantly recognizable, turning any space in your home into a tropical paradise. These leaves also look stunning in a vase, creating an instant décor feature with little effort. When propagating from stem cuttings, you can enjoy these large leaves while you watch the roots develop at the same time.

Image: Huy Phan for Pexels



With long trailing vines and fascinating variegation patterns, Pothos plants have become some of the most popular beginner-friendly houseplants on social media, appreciated for their remarkable ease of care. They are also just as easy to propagate as they are to care for, replicated by simply snipping off any stems that get too long and popping them in a glass of water.

Image: Karolina Grabowska for Pexels



If you’re looking for variety in a houseplant genus, you can’t go wrong with the famous Philodendron. These tropical favourites are wonderful leafy houseplants with a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. Vining Philodendrons, such as Philodendron hederaceum, are the easiest to grow in water, much like the humble Pothos.

Image: Sasha Kim

Snake Plant


Commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Snake Plants (Sansevieria/Dracaena) can be propagated in a number of ways, including in water. The leaves form a more structural decorative feature than the Monstera, with long pointed ends that lend them their common name. Just wait for roots to grow and you can pot up individual leaves to produce even more Snake Plants.

Image: Cottonbro for Pexels

Words: Madison Mouton

Feature image: Huy Phan for Pexels