Aloe plants are a must-have for every South African garden! Explore these 5 aloe plants to add some colour and texture to your garden.

Different types of Aloe plants to add to your garden:

Aloe ‘Ice Cream’

With a sweet name and an even sweeter look, ‘Ice cream’ is bound to catch your eye wherever you plant it. This aloe is appreciated for its bi-coloured flowers, with salmon pink flowers at the top that fade down to a creamy white as they open. Although the plants look great on their own, they are even more impressive when planted en masse. 

Aloe ‘Crunchy’

Many gardeners grow aloes for their attractive flowers. However, when it comes to ‘Crunchy’, the leaves are the standout. Covered in small red spines that give the plant a warm glow from afar, this aloe provides wonderful texture anywhere it is planted. The compact size makes it great for planting in small gardens or in containers. It produces lovely, sweet-scented, yellow flowers in winter. 

Aloe ‘White Rhino’

For those who prefer muted tones in their gardens, ‘White Rhino’ is ideal. Rather than the bright and warm colours most aloes sport, this cultivar features creamy white blooms that pop up around this time each year. The plants are fast growers, reaching around 1.5 m in height at maturity.

Aloe ‘Lemonade’

To brighten your garden when temperatures dip, you can’t go wrong with Lemonade: This cheerful aloe produces masses of sunny yellow flowers that will instantly make you smile and pair well with other warm-toned plants. Much like ‘Ice Cream, it’s best to plant several in the same spot for an impressive show of flowers every June.

Aloe ‘Red Horizon’

The fantastic flowers of ‘Red Horizon’ will satisfy any aloe collectors looking for something a little more unique. True to the name, the flowers of this cultivar grow horizontally, giving the entire plant a shape not often seen among aloes. Try planting these aloes on a slope to take advantage of this interesting form.


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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home June 2023 print magazine.

Feature image: Pexels