Maintaining a clean home amidst a hectic schedule can be daunting, especially as things start to ramp up towards year-end. A weekly cleaning checklist can be a game-changer, ensuring you stay on top of important chores without feeling overwhelmed by having to clean the entire house.

If you don’t have the energy to clean the whole house every week (let’s be honest, who does?) Here’s a list of areas and items that should be cleaned weekly.  Stick to this, and add onto some of the bigger tasks like clearing out and repacking, along the way.

Areas and items in the home that always require a weekly clean:


Bedding: Washing bed sheets weekly eliminates the accumulation of sweat, body oils, and dirt, promoting better sleep hygiene and overall health. Keep a rotation of sheets, so you can always just pop another on while the other is in the wash.

Floors: Regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping prevent dust buildup, maintaining a clean and allergen-free sleeping environment. We’d recommend giving floors a sweep every second day, and keep vacuuming and mopping a weekly priority.

Surfaces: Dusting hard surfaces weekly prevents the settling of allergens and maintains a visually appealing bedroom. Wipe down the vanity area, bedside tables, TV stand, etc.



Towels and bath mats; Frequent washing of towels and bath mats prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring a hygienic bathroom space. It’s very important to wash towels and mats weekly and keep a rotation of clean ones.

Floors: Weekly mopping of bathroom floors minimises the presence of germs and bacteria, contributing to a clean and healthy environment. It’s important to keep the space you ‘get clean in’ , clean.

Mirrors: Regular cleaning of mirrors enhances the overall cleanliness of the bathroom and prevents the buildup of toothpaste splatter and watermarks.

Sink and tub: Wiping down these surfaces weekly prevents the accumulation of visible residue, making deep cleaning less daunting when required. Cleaning the tub and sink also keeps bacteria from building up.

Toilet: Regular cleaning of the toilet prevents the buildup of stains, water rings, and bacteria, contributing to a more sanitary bathroom. We’d recommend cleaning the toilet every second day – every day, if you have a busy household.



Floors: Just as the bedroom and bathroom, frequent cleaning of kitchen floors prevents the attraction of pests and ensures a clean space for food preparation.

Countertops, cabinets, and appliances: Thorough weekly cleaning of these areas maintains a visually appealing kitchen and promotes a hygienic environment for cooking and eating.

Microwave: Weekly cleaning of the microwave prevents the buildup of food particles, ensuring a safe and sanitary appliance.

Refrigerator: Regularly checking and discarding expired items prevents unpleasant odours and maintains a fresh environment for storing food.

Sink: Weekly cleaning of the kitchen sink prevents the buildup of bacteria, maintaining a hygienic space for dishwashing and food preparation.

Living areas

Floors: Consistent cleaning of living area floors creates a comfortable and inviting space for guests and minimises the spread of bacteria.

Hard surfaces: Regular dusting of hard surfaces prevents allergen buildup and contributes to a visually appealing living space.

Windows: Cleaning windows regularly allows more natural light to filter through, creating a brighter and more positive living environment.

Fluff and rotate cushions: Regular maintenance of cushions prevents uneven wear and tear, extending the life of furniture and ensuring a fresh and comfortable seating area.


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Article originally written and published by Savanah Douglas for Woman&Home

Feature image: Pexels