Just as you love your plants, unfortunately, pests love them too. This is especially true in vegetable gardens, where pests can make or break your crop. But not all bugs are bad – some insects are essential to a healthy, diverse garden and can actually help your plants. Knowing which bugs are friends and which are foes will help you take better care of your garden and its environment as a whole.


Combats aphids, whiteflies, and mites (plus they’re cute). Attract them to your garden with dill and dandelion.

Ground Beetles 

Active at night, ground beetles prey on slugs, caterpillars, ants, and cutworms. They can be attracted with primrose plants.

Damsel Bugs 

Attracted by fennel and spearmint. They may look like some common pests, but these are not bad guys – they prey on a wide range of small pests including aphids and caterpillars.


Small green insects with lacey, sheer wings. The larvae prey on soft-bodies pests like aphids and whiteflies. Plant dill or coriander to attract these bugs.

Minute Pirate Bugs 

Feed on many small pests, including spider mites. Like damsel bugs, they can be attracted with fennel and spearmint.

Tachinid Flies 

Caterpillar and cutworm parasites that feed on the bodies on their host. They love carrots, coriander, and dill.



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