A small balcony, patio or backyard can accommodate a wealth of space for plants, with enough left over for some seating to enjoy the fruits of your garden labour. These small-space seating options are perfect for space-strapped gardens. 


Pack It Up Or Stack It Up

When space is at a premium, versatility is incredibly important. That’s why the simplest and most cost-effective way to have enough seating on your patio or in your garden is the ability to pack up or stack up your furniture. Folding or stackable furniture can be brought out when required and packed away when not, making the most of your small space without feeling cramped 24/7. While the term ‘folding chair’ may make you think of kitsch camping chairs on your balcony, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many stylish and affordable options made of durable materials like wood or aluminum that enhance your garden design rather than taking away from it. The portability of folding or stacking furniture also allows you to enjoy all corners of your garden in the conditions you prefer. 


Go Bistro

Those who prefer a more permanent option can still save space without breaking the bank. The key is in the café style coffee table. Bistro sets, consisting of a small, usually round table and two small chairs, are ideal for small patios or patches of grass under a nearby tree canopy. Surrounded by a few terra cotta pots, you can turn your garden into an Italian-inspired paradise with only a few square meters of space. If your space doesn’t allow for a permanent bistro set feature without overcrowding, there are also balcony sets with thinner tables designed to make the most of the view from your outdoor area. Try the Portals Balcony Set from Mon Exteriors for a stylish but practical space saving solution. 

Use Your Beds

Seating areas don’t always have to take away space from your plants. If planned correctly, they can work in harmony, leaving you sitting amongst your plants to enjoy them. If you have an area of your garden with built up or raised beds, extend the outer wall slightly and add some custom cushions to create additional seating space. These raised beds also make it easier to access your plants and serve as wonderful borders for small, fenced backyards. 


Perfect Fit

Tool-savvy gardeners have the option to DIY the perfect seating for their small space. Using your available measurements and some careful planning, you can craft a nested seating area that expands to accommodate all your garden guests. A simple wooden table with four nested stools is a relatively easy weekend project to tackle if you have the right tools. If not, there are also sets on the market that hide tons of seating in their inconspicuously small space. These sets have the same benefits of folding or stacking chairs, without the need to pack them away in a different area when you want some extra room.



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