Raised garden beds are all the rage in the garden world and come with a host of benefits for you and your garden, including space saving. 

If you’re strapped for space in your small backyard, maximise your planting area and improve the health of your plants by jumping in on the raised bed trend. This method of planting may not be a new idea, but it has certainly gained popularity as gardens shrink and more and more renters look for temporary gardening solutions that will give them enough space to grow whatever their heart desires. 

Typically made from wood, raised beds are lifted off the ground at a height easy to access. Filled with compost and high-quality soil mixes, raised beds drain far better than regular garden soil and prevent waterlogging. Moving away from ground level also lessens problems with weeds and potential soil-borne pests and diseases that plague gardens. 

But the best benefit of these beds is their temporary nature. Renters don’t have to worry about digging up soil that they are not allowed to touch to grow their plants. Those without a garden at all – either a patio or balcony space – can also invest in or DIY a raised bed on wheels for all their planting needs. Add a trellis to maximiSe the vertical space and you can grow more than you ever thought possible in your small garden.



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