Does your interior need a fresh face for the next season?

Maybe you’ve added some extra decor touches and want something that will complement your new finds.

Maybe your exterior could use some love from the withering in the sun and rain.

Well, whatever your home decor and infrastructure needs may be, Plascon has the colours to bring your vision to life. 

The fresh face of Plascon!

Painting your exterior walls provides an additional layer of protection against cracks caused by the elements.

You would need a paint that can endure the harsh weather, and that’s easy to clean and maintain all year round. The strength of Plascon’s Micatex formula is what you need to beat the wear throughout the four seasons.

It’s no wonder Plascon chose the Springbok’s Eben Etzebeth to be the new face of Plascon. His strength on the field is indicative of Plascon’s paint formula.

Check out the new face of Plascon:

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Plascon’s new TV commercial starring Eben Etzebeth, a South African rugby giant – in both a figurative and a literal sense.

Not only is he one of the fiercest competitors in world rugby, but he also stands tall at over 2m. in the ad, he takes us through a gruelling training session on the rocky shores of a local beach, which is also home to a lighthouse.


Let’s face it, our world would be rather dull without the influence of colour. The use of colour can give a sense of expression to a space and has the power to affect our mood as soon as we enter the room.

Colour is an important design element in our daily lives and even more so in our homes. Creating and recreating a decorated wall space through the use of colour adds texture to our home decor.

Find your perfect colour with Plascon. 

The Plascon range offers an array of colours for you to choose from.

Whether you are in the process of refurbishing your kitchen, a fresh lick of paint will breathe new life into the joy of your much-loved dinner parties. As for your home’s outdoor look and feel, Plascon offers waterproof colours to enhance your outdoor living space or garden accent wall.

As we humbly await the end of winter to usher in the refreshing air of spring, be inspired to paint your world with Planscon’s unbeatable range of colours. Give your walls, gutters, fencing and paving a fresh face (lift) as the season of colour fast approaches.

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