Celebrate the Easter season with cute creative decor. Easter is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Autumn with refreshing decor that’s befitting of the season. When it comes to outdoor Easter decor, try pieces that evoke a subtle autumn feel.

Easter banners

This idea is so easy that even children can help you create the most perfect outdoor Easter decorations. Get your kids to create cut-out rabbit shapes with colourful paper. Help them string them together to make banners to place in your front yard or even hang them on your door.

Easter egg tree

This simple DIY idea uses painted plastic eggs in Easter festive colours. You can hang these from the branches of the tree in your yard. This brings a unique flare to the Easter festive spirit.

In some countries it is customary to celebrate Easter by hanging hollow eggs from the branches of trees, so why not try this idea with your kids in your backyard?

Eastereggs hanging on tree. A lot of colorful and handmade eggs.

Image Credit: Pexels

Easter egg hunt

Creatively decorate eggs and hide them around your yard. You can get your entire family to help look for these eggs, whilst creating a special way to bond.

The same eggs can be used to decorate your yard after the hunt. Bonding over an Easter egg hunt will truly bring out the true spirit of Easter.

Easter egg hunt, celebration

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Egg basket

This egg basket idea is perfect for your outdoor get-together. This easy-to-do task does not require a lot. Just get a few painted eggs and place them in a basket.

You can paint the fake eggs any colour of your choosing. You can fill the basket up with easter decor to give them a more visual appeal.

 Easter eggs in the wicker basket on green spring grass.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Easter decorations will make your home look and feel festive, and full of positive energy during the Autumn Easter season. Everyone will be impressed with these decoration ideas, even the Easter bunny will be impressed with your efforts.


Creative and easy Easter decoration ideas

Feature Image: Unsplash