There is no such thing as the best irrigation system. There is only the best irrigation solution for the situation at hand.  

At Agrico, we specify the irrigation system to suit the purpose best. We align your gardening and landscaping objectives, curating irrigation solutions to best suit your needs. 

About Agrico:

Agrico is a deep-rooted and steadfast irrigation company. 

Agrico designs, manufactures and supplies different types of irrigation systems. Our irrigation solutions deliver the optimal balance between capital- and operational expenditure. We build long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with tailored solutions to their irrigation needs.  

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Drip and micro-irrigation for a green garden 

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is the power of precision irrigation to save water and energy.   

Agrico designs, manufactures and procures a wide range of drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems for farms of all sizes. Our precision irrigation systems are optimised for efficiency and designed with extensive engineering capabilities and years of industry experience. 

Benefits of Agrico low-volume irrigation systems:

  • Reduce water wastage. Micro- and drip-irrigation solutions limit water wastage by applying the water directly to the root zone, limiting evaporation and run-off. 
  • Respect for water. We pay attention to ideal droplet size, pressure, application rate and depth to minimise evaporation, run-off and over-watering. 
  • Promote healthy growth. The perfect amount of water and nutrients reach the plant throughout the season, thus supporting healthy growth and development. 
  • Save time and money. Micro and drip irrigation are incredibly energy-efficient methods since only low pressure is required to perfectly suit the needs of your plants.  
  • Product range. Agrico represents top suppliers in the industry.. Additionally, in-house manufacturing reduces the costs of our self-manufactured components. 

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The most extensive irrigation network in southern Africa 

At Agrico, we back up our products with an unmatched service network. Our 39 branches with walk-in stores across southern Africa stock an extensive range of products and provide customers with the best advice and service. Wherever you are, whatever you need, an Agrico irrigation expert is never too far away. 


Shop online for irrigation with our website:

Pumps, valves, fittings, pipe, sprinklers, filters – more than 3000  irrigation components, all on one website!  


Shopping for irrigation spares and components can become quite a nuisance when your supplier only stocks half of what you need. With the Agrico online store, driving from one place to another is a thing of the past. With every irrigation component under one roof, the Agrico webstore stocks famous brands like DAB, KSB, Agriplas, Netafim and more! Head over to for your next irrigation purchase. We’ll get everything ready for you at one of our 39 branches, for a convenient collection.  

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