With Easter firmly approaching, there is pressure to come up with the best Easter-inspired decorations. Decoration is an essential part of the Easter season. We have a few creative decoration designs you should look out for this season.

Create an Easter nest basket

Decorating with a nest basket seems fitting with the beautiful blooms and vibrant Easter colours. You can simply use a small wicker basket you have at home and fill it up with decorative twigs and leaves.

These leaves will add a bright vibrancy to the basket. Top it up by adding a few Easter eggs and some feathers.

"Happy Easter" eggs in the nest of grass

Image Credit: Unsplash

Use ceiling-mounted mobile

Take a different spin from the old traditional Easter decoration. Try a more modern design with a colourful ceiling mobile filled with easter decorations hanging from your ceiling.

You can hang beautifully painted fake eggs, creating the illusion of a hanging bird’s nest. The eggs can vary in size depending on what you and your kids prefer. This idea can be fun to create with your kids, giving off that Easter spirit.

Easter ceiling-mounted mobile with colour eggs on ribbons

Image Credit: Unsplash

Set up an Easter table

For that Sunday night dinner, you can have an Easter-inspired table design. This can be a unique way of getting everyone into the spirit of Easter.

It’s a beautiful but simple set-up with all the right Easter elements, from the right set of flowers to the centrepiece of the dinner table to even the plates used. Keep on the theme and maintain the ethereal effect of Easter.

Flowers and candles on Easter table

Image Credit: Unsplash

Easter Egg Bouquet

It is a crazy, fun and creative idea. Simple but very effective to give off that Easter feel in your home. An egg bouquet is a unique way of putting Easter elements together. To create this unique decoration style, dye a dozen eggs in any colour you like:

  1. Arrange them carefully in a vase.
  2. Add leaves, twigs, and flowers that match your eggs to create a cohesive style.
  3. Place your egg bouquet anywhere it can be the centrepiece.
 Easter holiday Bouquet of flowers, white rabbits and Easter eggs

Image Credit: Pexels

This decorative style is excellent because it is inexpensive and DIY. They are fun ways to get your kids involved in helping out with the Easter decorations.


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