Just because your room does not get the best direct sunlight doesn’t mean you cannot own houseplants. It’s simply a matter of picking the right plant for your place, one that doesn’t mind if the sun doesn’t shine. We have the four shade-loving plants that are the perfect solution for you.

Snake plant

This low-maintenance plant thrives in almost any place, whether it’s a dim corner or sunlight. Snake plants are mostly self-reliant and can tolerate long periods of neglect without hesitation.

Since they are considered part of the succulent family, their leaves are thick enough to store water. The only thing you can do to kill a snake plant is to give it too much water, so be sure not to overwater the plant.

Snake plant in pots on a white table

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Spider plant

One of the most popular houseplants around, spider plants tolerate poor light. They are popular for being an effective remover of indoor air pollution.

Spider plants are fast-growing and can reach 8 to 24 inches tall in just a few years. These plants can tolerate some neglect because their thick, fleshy roots store water.

Spider plant in indirect low light

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One of the easiest houseplants to grow vines up to 10 feet, pothos comes in various colors and patterns. Although bright indirect light is preferred, pothos plants will tolerate low light.

Their leaves will lose some variegation if grown in too little light. Pothos is one of the top houseplants for improving the quality of air in your home.

A pothos plant on top of shelve in shade

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Peace lily

A beautiful, elegant, and easy-to-maintain houseplant, the peace lily can tolerate low-to-medium indirect light. It blooms with showy white flowers and glossy green leaves.

For the best bloom, keep the soil moist but not soggy. Remember that bright light results in better flowering, but don’t burn the leaves by exposing them to direct sunlight.

 Potted peace lily plant

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Provided with the best angles of low lighting, these plants can flourish. Always remember to water them properly and avoid excessive water on all of them. You want to keep your houseplants as healthy as possible.


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