Fresh-cut flowers are the perfect addition to brighten up your home or office. But what happens when those beautiful blooms begin to fade and wilt? Don’t bid them farewell just yet!

What if we told you there was a way to keep those flowers around a little longer to enjoy them long after they’ve died?

Get creative with these easy DIY’s on ways to repurpose those dead flowers you still have in a vase somewhere in your house, holding on for dear life.

Pressed petal poetry

Pressing flowers poetry

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Pressing flowers between the pages of a book not only flattens them but also turns them into intricate works of art. Once dried, these petals can be used to embellish journals, create personalised cards, or frame as captivating wall décor.

Start by gently placing your flower buds and petals between two paper towels. Slip them into the heart of a hardcover book and close it. For added pressure, consider stacking a few more books on top, accommodating the size of your flowers. After about a week or two, free your pressed flowers from the book and paper towels.

Next, choose a piece of cardstock that resonates with your style. Apply a coat of decoupage glue onto the cardstock’s surface. Now comes the artistic moment – artfully arrange the pressed flowers onto the glue-coated cardstock. Press them gently to secure their place. Let your masterpiece dry, and voilà! You can display it as is or frame it to add an extra touch of elegance. Place this on your wall or tabletop and you’ll see how it adds a great touch of simple décor to your space.

Homemade dried flower body scrub

Body scrub

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Elevate your bath time into a fragrant and luxurious escape by repurposing your dried flower buds and petals. Don’t let those delicate beauties go to waste – instead, transform them into a delightful addition to your self-care ritual.

Gather your cherished dried petals and pair them with a blend of Epsom salts, soothing sea salt, and a touch of baking soda. Complete the transformation by infusing your concoction with your favourite essential oils. The result? A splendidly scented, all-natural floral body scrub that promises to pamper your senses and rejuvenate your skin.

Homemade potpourri

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Craft a delightful and aromatic potpourri using either fresh or dried flower heads or even a combination of both. To ensure the creation stays pristine, it’s crucial that your potpourri blend is completely dry, preventing any chance of mold.

Remove flower heads from the stems and separate the petals if you wish.

Spread the flower heads and petals on a baking sheet. Quick-dry the flowers in an oven at 93° C until dry, which can take up to two hours.

Place the dried flower parts in an airtight container and add two or three drops of essential oils to increase the intensity of the aroma. Rose oil, lemon oil, honeysuckle oil, and lavender oil are popular fragrances for potpourri.

Store the dried flowers in an airtight container for six weeks.

The flowers will absorb the essential oils and release the fragrance when used.

When the flowers are ready, display your new homemade potpourri in an open jar or decorative bowl.


Adding nature’s touch to gifts

Gift flowers

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Bid farewell to mundane gift presentations and opt for a sustainable twist by adorning your gifts with carefully placed dried flowers and foliage.

Fed up with uninspiring and environmentally unfriendly wrapping paper? Why not embrace a touch of nature by incorporating dainty dried flowers and other foliage into your gift wrapping? It’s a refreshingly simple yet utterly charming method to elevate even the most ordinary wrapping paper into a work of art.



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