As the vibrant hues of spring gradually give way to the gentle embrace of August, garden enthusiasts find themselves amidst a season of transition and anticipation. The winter chill is slowly relinquishing its grasp, making it the perfect time to roll up those sleeves, dust off the gardening gloves, and immerse yourself in getting your garden ready for spring. Although maintenance is the number one priority, there is still time for planting.

Prepare your garden for a fresh burst of colour and new growth by following our August gardening guide:

Pruning and deadheading

Bid farewell to winter’s remnants by pruning away dead or spent blooms. This encourages fresh growth and allows the vibrant blossoms of spring and summer to take center stage. Delicate roses, hardy geraniums, and cheerful daisies all benefit from a meticulous grooming session.

Soil Enrichment

Pamper your plants with a nutrient boost by incorporating compost into your soil. This enriches the earth with essential minerals and fosters a thriving ecosystem, ensuring your garden beds become a haven for lush greenery. It’s time to revive your lawn after its winter dormancy this means low cutting, firm raking, spiking, feeding and covering with lawn dressing to feed and level out. Be sure to use a high-nitrogen feed to encourage leaf blade growth.

Bulb Planting

Set the stage for a dazzling spring display by planting bulbs like daffodils, irises, and freesias. August’s mild climate provides the ideal conditions for these beauties to establish their roots before the growing season. August is considered a windy month in most parts of South Africa. Stake newly planted trees and standard roses. It is also the best month to plant new roses, and your last chance to prune established rose bushes.

Weeding and Mulching

Wage war against unwelcome intruders by pulling out weeds. Follow up with a generous layer of mulch to suppress future growth and conserve soil moisture. Eucalyptus bark or straw mulch, readily available in South Africa, adds a touch of rustic charm to your garden beds.

Vegetable Patch TLC

August heralds the opportunity to sow seeds for delectable vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and beans. Be sure to provide them with ample sunlight and water, and watch as they reward your efforts with a bountiful harvest in the months to come.

Plan for Spring

Let your imagination roam free as you sketch out plans for your dream spring garden. Consider colour schemes, garden structures, and new additions that will infuse your outdoor haven with fresh energy. Plant spring-flowering seedlings such as alyssum, begonias, calendulas, cinerarias, fairy primrose, impatiens, lobelias, marigolds, pansies, petunias, poppies, snapdragons and stocks.



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Feature image: Pexels