Memory walls are not just great to decorate a bare wall, they’re also highly sentimental spaces for you to play around with.

Interior designers advise having a cohesive design element for your memory wall. Choose between the shape or the colour of the frame that’s cohesive to pull the entire visual together.

Here are some memory wall decor ideas to inspire you:

The classic staircase memory wall

In two-storey homes or duplex apartments, the staircase memory wall is always a hit. You can do something classic as seen in the image below.


The vintage memory wall

Create a classic vintage memory wall. You can achieve the vintage look by using all black and white photos or you could even go the extra mile and print Polaroid pictures for your memory wall. You can also have a cohesive theme of vintage photo frames and add in old documents or memorabilia.


Boho chic memory wall

This is a modern take on the vintage memory wall. You can get creative with a pop of colour, and differently-shaped vintage frames. You can also create depth by playing with image dimensions.



The Photo Hoop memory wall

The photo hoop memory display is a modern take on the memory wall. This idea is perfect for smaller homes and apartments, where you might not have the abundance of space that comes with a big house. Simply spray paint a hula hoop, attach some decorations and your pictures and voila!



The Ombré Memory Wall

This one is for those who want something more creative and out-of-the-box. Create a colourful memory wall by using a colour pop as a backdrop for individual photos.

Ombre photo wall

Image credit: A beautiful mess


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