You might wish that your home looked like something out of the pages of a decor magazine. But, if you are a pet owner, you’ll know that the struggle is real when it comes to keeping your living space clean.

You’ll also know that our companion animals like to be close to us, so unless they live outside (with the appropriate shelter provided) you are bound to end up with hair and muck getting into your home.

Fortunately, there are ways to share your space with your animals while keeping your house as clean as possible.

Create their space

Do your animals love to stretch out on the couch or your bed? One of the easiest ways to avoid them taking over and leaving fur on your furniture is to provide them with their own.

Creating a designated area in your bedroom or living room, complete with a comfy bed for your pet will encourage them to snooze there instead.

When it comes to choosing a bed, make sure that it’s the right size and has a soft, cushioned base. Blankets are also crucial – especially in winter – to keep them warm and snug. And once their bedding has their smell on it, they’ll soon learn that it’s their special space.


Train them up

One obvious way to preserve your furniture is to not allow your pets on your pieces. Not only can they make them dirty but their claws, teeth and bladders can be destructive, too! But, as the old saying goes: ‘Easier said than done!’ Luckily, there are a couple of ways to go about teaching your animal that they are not welcome on your expensive couch or bed linen.

Your cleaning toolkit

No home that has furry and feathered family members is going to look and smell 100% at all times. But, with the right products, you can get close to perfection! Here are a few items you need in your arsenal to make cleaning up after your pet easier and more effective.

Biodegradable wipes

Don’t let muddy paws ruin your living space. Keep some wipes in your car or at the front door to give your pet a wipe down before they come inside, bringing the dirt with them.

A lint roller

These can be purchased at many fashion and lifestyle stores. They are great for removing fur from your clothes but can also be rolled over your soft furnishings to keep them free of fluff.

A squeegee

If you live with some heavy shedders, a squeegee can streamline the hair-removal process of your furniture. Run it along, holding it down firmly, and it will gather all the fur to make it easier to collect.

A dustbuster

Small, hand-held vacuums were super popular in the ’90s and should be a modern must-have for any pet owner. They allow you to clean up without having to haul out the big vacuum cleaner.

Carpet powder

Don’t want your house to smell like your pets own the place? Before vacuuming your carpets and rugs, sprinkle some scented carpet powder on them to help lift odours and leave the space fresh.

A poop scoop

This one’s self-explanatory but very necessary for pet owners, especially those with dogs. This lets you pick up and bag their poop without having to touch it or get too close to it.

Hacks to keep your house clean with pets

There are plenty of clever ways to keep your home clean even if you have a messy menagerie. Here are some helpful hacks:

HACK #1 Put coarse-textured mats at door entrances – inside, outside or both! – to get most of the muck off their paws when they stroll in.

HACK #2 Got a long-haired pooch? Some brands of vacuum cleaners come with attachments that let you vacuum them with ease and comfort.

HACK #3 Invest in scatter throws that are easy to clean and dry, and place these where your pet likes to sit to prevent marks on your furnishings.

HACK #4 Does your cat do its business in a litter tray? Keep it smelling fresh(er) by adding a thin layering of bicarbonate of soda to the bottom.

HACK #5 Add half a cup of white vinegar to half a cup of water. Apply this mix where your pet has peed and leave for 10 min. This will get rid of the smell.

HACK #6 If you live with messy eaters who leave much of their food on the floor, keep a place mat underneath their bowls so it doesn’t ruin the flooring.


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Article originally written and published by Savannah Douglas for Woman&Home.

Feature image: Unsplash