Industrial Décor with Stainless Steel

As industrial chic is huge in décor we pulled together a few ideas to show you how to get this trendy look in your home


One thing about a classic is it never goes out of style. However when it comes to décor it also evolves. The stainless steel finishings that are popular today were once standard and utilitarian. Now even the most lavish of homes contain elements of this unpretentious metal, from stainless steel fireplaces mounted on the wall, to lunch table utensils.

Let’s look at how to give your home a trendy industrial look with stainless steel:


A common feature in commercial kitchens, stainless steel countertops are increasingly popular in the home because they are hard wearing, sleek and easy to clean. Accessories like stainless steel pendants, kettles, knives and pot rods provide subtle accents, while appliances carry the trend through beautifully.


For die-hard braai fans, stainless steel gas-braais not only give you an excuse to entertain outdoors but are visually appealing as well. Stainless steel and wood bench and table sets make for a great focal point and accessories like stainless steel tongs and salad spoons are becoming increasingly popular.


It doesn’t get sleeker than stainless steel sinks and fixtures, especially if you’re into a minimalistic look and feel. Stainless steel shelving in the bathroom allows you to blend your décor into your bathroom, while accessories like soap dishes and light fixtures allow the theme to carry through.


A fire emerging from a pile of stones sounds like décor from a sci-fi movie, but surrounded by stainless steel this is a reality. While you can put stainless steel anywhere, this is the room in which to have the most fun with this trend ,from sophisticated coffee tables, to stainless steel bases for modern couches and of course staircase balustrades.

If you’re on the market to buy Stainless Steel products for your indoor or outdoor spaces, look for the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) seal of approval – the Cross & Balls logo. For more information on the benefits and applications of Stainless Steel, visit