Romantic lighting ideas

Romantic lighting can transform any area into a magical space. We show you how to get creative with fairy lights, floor lamps, floating candles and more

INSIDE OUTghg201317151217

Soft-glowing electric floor lamps are a brilliant source of mood lighting. Create interest by combining various textures from sleek Perspex and metal to woven twigs. Wrap Chinese string lanterns around pillars for a splash of colour. Place pillar candles under trees and a couple of tealights on branches – just make sure they are secure and do not leave them unattended.

TIME OUTghg201317151250

Extend long summer days into the evening by lighting a garden room with floor and hanging lanterns or look out for an interesting candle chandelier if you live in a wind-free area. Candles reflect beautifully in the swimming pool, adding to the romantic ambience.

FLOATING ABOUTghg201317151353

Ever thought about hosting a picnic in your own garden? If you have a swimming pool, floating candles are must-haves for a festive mood. If you don’t have a pool, fill a couple of glass bowls with water and use them as miniature water features with floating candles. Paper bags make brilliant lanterns.

SECRET GARDENghg201317151540

Nothing beats fairy lights when it comes to creating a magical atmosphere; attach them to a metal arbour in your garden or wind them around a tree. Use tealight holders to light the way to a pre-dinner drinks table laden with cocktails and strawberries.

GO WITH THE GLOWghg201317151643

Glamorous and stylish, glass and crystal candleholders reflect light beautifully. Local chain stores have a great selection, but also keep an eye out for them at junk shops and vintage markets. Combine different shapes and sizes for an opulent feel. Play around with colour by filling one or two candleholders with water and then adding a food colorant of your choice.