Four great wallpaper alternatives

Wallpaper is a huge trend and there are so many different prints and patterns to choose from. Art director Hema Nana shares her favourite wallpaper alternatives for those who tend to be a bit indecisive

Available in a wide range of prints and patterns to suit any interior, wallpaper can add loads of personality to your home. Unfortunately, as I’m quite indecisive, the process of choosing one can be long and difficult especially as it’s a costly commitment.

I was prowling the net for ideas as I wasn’t quite sure what look I wanted. The alternative needed to be DIY, cost-effective and easy to change or remove. Here are some fun options I came across.

Wall Stencils

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With stencils you can choose from a variety of different shapes and themes. Depending on the paint you go with, you can use them anywhere, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

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Vinyl decals

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Fuss-free, quick and really easy, vinyl stickers are the answer to your wall decor dilemmas. They are also relatively simple to remove should you ever tire of them.

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Wall collage

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Create a feature wall using pages from old books or magazines, you can even sort by colour or theme. It’s easy to change and pages can be stuck on with spray mount. You could also use old photos or postcards to create your very own wall of fame.

Washi tape wall

wallpaper alternatives wallpaper alternatives
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Washi tape is cheap, stays on and peels off easily. It comes in a wide range of colours and patterns.

The best part about these alternatives, is that they can mostly be done over a weekend, depending on the size of the walls you wish to dress.